19 September 2010 by aisyah ishak in

last night was the most magical night. to my sister, Farah Nawar. congratulations on your engagement! :D you look amazing with the purple dress that made by mag. absolutely cantik lah dress tu walaupun simple je. she's getting married in a year time. insyaAllah. damn, im soooo fucking tired rite now yaaw. i need to sleep. its already morning. still got celak dan makeup pelbagai. ta padampadam pula.*my aunt put makeup on me, which i don't really like it. mama kata " its okay aisyah, masa tunang kak nawar je " aaaaaaaaa,mencik~ urghhh,i need to wash up my face.goodnight! :( i will upload the last night pictures soon! babai *waving.

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