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11 November 2010 by aisyah ishak in Labels:

  1. your smile makes my knees go weak and my heart melt. It also gets me all hot and makes my heart jump up and down like ping pong balls. When I see you walk beside me, and you catch my eye and give that smile, I almost faint with desire.
  2. your macho-ness. nyehehe, even joe brooks pun ta leh tembus hati gua :P
  3. your ability to make me feel special, wanted, needed. you accept me as I am, compliment me on my talents, support me in all I do as I support you. You make me feel good about myself, as if I really have something going. You enjoy my cooking, laugh at my lame jokes, and give me space when I need it.

this are the three things that make me feel you are the one for me. The one in a million <3 happy anniversary! :)

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